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Akhand Samrajya Yoga in Vedic Astrology

As per Hindu Astrology, the 12 signs of Zodiac are 3 groups of 4 signs each including Chara(Movable), Dvisvabhava (Common) and Sthira (Immovable). The Yoga is formed for those natives who are born in a fixed sign rising in the Lagna which is called Birth Ascendant.

There are many prerequisites for the formation of the Akhand Samrajya Yoga in Astrology:

  • At the time of birth a fixed sign should be raised in the Lagna (Birth Ascendant)

  • Jupiter should own 5 th or 11 th bhava (house)

Akhand Samrajya Yoga Benefits:

The Jatak born with the Yoga can find immense pleasure in his life. The Akhand Samrajya Yoga effects are positive. It bestows the native with a fruitful, prosperous and successful life for more than 75 years. It gives the result of powerful Raja Yoga. The jatak holds good positions in their jobs. The political career goes smooth and strong. Do you know Lord Rama and Sita were born in a strong Akhanda Samrajya Yoga.


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