Hindu Epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have lots of examples of blessings and curses which have made significant differences to the stories. Not only common people but also kings were afraid of Shraap. It has influenced not only men but also Gods. Even, Yamraj (the Hindu God of death) was not spared from the ill-effects of Shraap.


Raja Dashrath, the king of Ayodhya and Shri Ram’s father, had suffered from Sharp. One fine day, the king went for hunting. Shravan Kumar, an obedient boy of his parents, was taking his blind father and mother for pilgrimage. Shravan Kumar was crossing the same forest where Raja Dasrath was hunting. Shravan Kumar’s parents were thirsty, so he went to the bank of a river to fill water in a mud pot. The pot was making a sound while it was filling with water. It seems like a deer is drinking water. Raja Dashrath was a sharp archer. He was capable to aim just hearing the sound of objects. Unfortunately, Shravan was aimed and died. When Raja Dashrath reached to the venue he felt sorry and applogised for his deed from Shravan’s parents. But his parents gave him a curse that you would have to suffer the same agony that they were suffering. Later, Raja Dashrath suffered the same agony when Ram had to exile for 14 years.


According to Shivmahapuran, once God Narad was spell-bound by the beauty of a lady. In the Swayambar (an event where a girl selects her husband) of the lady, Narad participated in disguising himself in God’s Vishnu. But due to the illusion (Maaya) of Lord Vishnu, his face turned into a monkey. Lord Vishnu was also invited for the event. The lady selected Lord Vishnu over Narad. Therefore, Narad gave the lord a curse that he would suffer from the detachment from his lady. Our Hindu epics have several examples of curses or cursing Gods. No one can can spare from the influence of Shraap.


  • Vivah Shraap or Marriage Curse

    A well-experienced astrologer can tell you about the shraap seeing your Janm Kundali. Comparing only nature (Goon Milan) of the groom-to-be and bride-to-be is not enough. It is vital to evaluate whether the person has Vivah shrap. The planets position in our Kundli can influence our marital life. If a Jatak’s birth chart has Shani or Rahu in Saptam bhaw and the owner of the Saptam Bhaw is sitting with a malicious planets in 6th, 8th and 12th house, the jatak may suffer from huge problems in his marital life.

  • Pittar Shraap

    n the Hindu culture, ancestors are known as Pittar. They are prayed like Gods so that their blessings keep the family members happy and prosperous. If a person is facing problems time and again, it may be due to Pittar Shrap. The Jatak suffers from many problems due to Pitardosh. Delay in marriages and loss in businesses are some common signs of Pittar Shrap.

  • Knowledge Curse or Vidya Shraap

    It is said that little knowledge is dangerous. In the ancient time, there was a Gurukul where students from every society treated equally. Teachers got respect from students. But with times, the education system has changed. Students don’t show respect to their teachers. There are students who want to get a good education but fail to achieve. They are facing the problem due to Vidya Shraap.

  • Financial Curse or Arthik Shraap

    Today, we are living in the materialistic It is tough to live life comfortably without money. If you are constantly suffering from financial problems, the financial curse may have stricken your life. In this situation, the expenditure is more than earning. You earn a lot but your expenditure makes you empty- handed.

  • Health Curse or Shararik Shraap

    All types of Shrap give pain to your body, but the health curse is extreme. In this curse, a person may suffer from a disease. The curse makes your life miserable. Even you have enough money it is useless if your health is not okay.

  • Business Curse

    The curse fills one’s life with full of challenges and anxiety. It directly influences the income of the Jatak. When people earn well, it is happiness all around them. When income goes down, it makes their live miserable. The curse slowly closes all the ways of earning.

  • Santan Shraap(Children Curse)

    A family is considered incomplete without having babies. If a couple is struggling to have their babies, it comes under Santan Shrap. In case the baby is born with deformities, it is also counted under Santan Shrap or cursed child.

  • Bhrat Curse or Brother Curse

    With the influence of the curse, the Jatak has a fight with his brother and they live separately. There are several other problems faced by the Jatak. He may face problems related to health, success, and family. It all happens because it is your brother who is the closest friend of yours. Whether it is sorrow or happiness, he is always with you. But when you have a big fight with your brother, he turns into the biggest enemy of yours.

  • Debt Curse

    Debt brings poverty and poverty is a curse. It makes a person life restless and full of anxiety. When a person is struggling with a debt for a long time, it influences his enthusiasm and he doesn’t want to live his life. In the modern days, we can see many people struggling with debts.

  • Bhawan Shraap

    The human life is full of desires. There are some desires that you want to fulfill anyhow. Among them, you want to have your own house. It comes under basic desires of human beings. Having own home is a desire of every person. A rental property doesn’t give peacefulness. Under Bhawan Shrap, there are two types of curse. The Jatak doesn’t have his own home and even he has a home but he is not able to enjoy its comfort.

  • Husband Curse or Pati Shraap

    After marriage, it is common to face some small difficulties. But under Pati Shrap, women have to face extreme challenges in their lives such as extramarital affair of husband, dowry issue and health issues of the husband.

  • Patni Shraap or Wife Curse

    The Shrap influences the life of a husband because of his wife. In the Hindu culture, women are considered the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and Durga. When a man hurts his wife due to unwanted reasons or the reasons for which he is responsible, Patna Shrap can make his life miserable. Due to this curse, he loses wealth and respect from the society.

  • Dev Shraap or God Curse

    When Gods and Goddess are not happy with you, the curse can influence not only you but also your entire family. You may suffer from varieties of issues. It can be related to health, wealth, relation and social. Once a person is influenced with Dev Shrap, it chases him till his death and even his next to next birth.

  • How to End a Curse?

    The ill-effects of the Shraap can make your life hell. Fortunately, we can reduce its influence with our social work and helpful nature. With the help of Puja, Yantra, and Mantra, you can reduce its influence. To know how to reduce the ill-effects of the curse, meet Guruma Bhrigushree. She will show you the right path.

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