What is Shani Dosha? Or When Does Sade Sati Occur?

Shani Dosha or Sade Sati is called malefic Saturn. It occurs when Saturn is weak or situated in any of these fundamental houses like 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th or 8th and 12th houses in Aries, Leo, Cancer or Scorpio sign or in a retrograde position in the birth horoscope. When Saturn is associated with Moon, Mars or Rahu, it can also form Shani Dosha. However, the influence of malicious Saturn can be reduced or eradicated with Shani Santi puja.

With the blessing of Maharishi Bhrigu, Guruma Bhrigushree provides powerful Shani Dosha Nivarana remedies. Guruma has a team of experienced astrologers and Brahmans who organize the puja at her campus or a Shani temple in India. You can join the puja or can go for online Shani Shanti Puja. We will send you the video of the Puja or can let you watch puja live, no matter in which corner of the world you are living.



Planet Shani or Saturn is one of the most significant and influential planets in the science of astrology. Its location in one’s birth chart can affect his life if it is malefic. Do you know the Sun is the father of Shani and his elder brother is Yama (the God of death)? Saturn is considered a malefic planet and a planet of justice.


Shani affects a person adversely on occasions when it occupies a certain position in one’s horoscope. Sade Sati is for 7-1/2 years but these years are not always unfavourable and unlucky. It is basically depended on the ownership of Saturn in the house of birth sign. The Ashtama Shanaiswara which is formed when Shani is in the 8th house can influence one’s life for 2-1/2 years. He is considered the slowest moving planet, takes 30 years to complete one cycle. Mostly, Shani resides in one’s zodiac for 2 and half years but Saneeswaran for 7-1/2 years when it is on 12th, 1st and 2nd house. When Shani is placed in the 4th house, it is called Naatu Shani.


As per the positon of the Saturn planet in one’s horoscope, the Shani Dosha can badly influence. If it is astrologically well-placed, it will endow the jatak with prosperous life, better career and fulfil all wishes and desire. Lord Shani is neutral in giving punishment and properties according to your deeds. But when the lord Shani is deliberated, you may have to face problems:

  • Dealing with frustrations and depressions

  • Getting delay in success

  • Facing respiratory related health issues

  • Infertility or impotency

  • Injuries or accidents

  • Cheated by someone

  • Face financial problems like debts and fluctuations

  • Jail punishments

  • Rising debts or loans or monetary losses

  • Disappointments, low self-esteem & sickness

  • Loss in business

  • Family life can hit rocks

  • Hindrances in works

  • Delay in marriage

  • Least or no benefits from the best possible efforts


There are 12 types of Kalsarpyog
Worshiping Shani:

According to Vedic scriptures, this is the basic remedy to get rid of ill-effect of Shani. Chant the abovementioned mantra in the evening on Saturdays.

Worshipping Goddess Katyayani:

Planet Saturn is ruled by the goddess who is the 6th incarnation of Navadurga. Worshiping the Goddess can reduce the bad influence of Sani.

Reciting Shani Chalisa:

It is one of the most powerful remedies. It is a 40-verse treatise praising of Lord Shani. Reciting the Chalisa can please the God and one can get tolerance and patience during the phase of Sade Sati.

Hanuman Chalisa:

This is one of the best remedies to practice on every Tuesday and Saturday. Lord Hanuman rules over planets Mars and Saturn. Recite Hanuman Chalisa around 11 times and offer some food to beggars. Reciting Sundar Kand on Saturdays can get you some relief from Shani Dosha.

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