According to the Hindu Scriptures, when a child is born, many types of sins, debts & virtue follow him continuously till his death as per his Karma. It is said that by paying three types of debts (God Loan, Sage Loan & Father Loan), one can get rid of many sins and problems. Everyone has to pay off these debts at some point in his life either knowingly or unknowingly. So, it is important to know what these loans are and how you can rid of them without facing many difficulties.

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There are several types of Rinn as per Hindu Dharma Grantha. It is difficult to focus on each one, but we have tried to put some of the major ones to help you out.


When the ancestors’ bad karma’s sins are suffered by one of the descendants, then it is called the Pitri Rin or Pitri Debt. This is the tradition. The father takes the loan, the son has to pay. According to the RED book, the father makes mistakes and the son has to pay them off. The famous epic Ramayana is the best example of the debt. Raja Dasarath killed Shravan by mistake. Shravan’s parents cursed Dasarath, “likewise we are dying in the agony of our son, you would die in the same manner.” Raja Dasarath died in the agony of his son Shri Rama. But what was the fault of Shri Rama? He had to went for 14 years banishment. The RED book has clearly said that whatever you are getting in the immortal world is not only your Karma but also your ancestor’s Karma. The descendants have to suffer from their ancestor’s misdemeanors.


Keeping your mother out from your home, making her sad and ignoring her can lend you in the trouble of Matri Rinn. The jatak with mother debt may become bankrupt. His cows and horses can die. The home may face the trouble of water. The Jatak’s self-consciousness and feeling can ruin.


Trying to kill a friend or relatives with poison, putting fire on somebody’s crop, trying to kill or kill a buffalo’s child and set fire to someone’s house can put you in kinship debt.
Planet-signs- Mercury or Ketu in the first or eighth house, Mars gets afflicted.
Sign- The Jatak does not interfere with their relatives, he hates them. He doesn’t celebrate his children’s birthday. He doesn’t like to celebrate holidays at festivals and is emotional.


A man can suffer from daughter or sister rinn when he tortured or killed his daughter or sister.
Planet signal: If there is a moon in the third or sixth house, then Mercury is afflicted.
Sign- The tendency to sell or replace innocent children with theft.
Unfortunate incidents occur at the time of marriage or at the birth of daughter or sister. The person is badly ruined. Sometimes misfortune strikes even during the birth of a child. It has a very bad effect on the Jatak’s body. Tooth flows and the power of sexual intercourse gets weakened.


Killing a woman at the time of her delivery because of some greed may put the person into women’s debt.
Planet- If the Sun, Moon and Rahu are sitting in the second and seventh houses, then Venus is afflicted. People of his house may not like to take care of animals having teeth, especially the cow.
Sign-The Jatak may suffer from various types of problems. The Shukra grah is afflicted. If there is a sudden death of somebody on the occasion of marriage or paralyzed, or a fatal disease attack, in the family. These are the signs that due to Women rinn, the Venus is afflicted. He may suffer from dermal diseases.,
Prevention or Remedies- By collecting the equal amount of money from all the members of the family, one day at one time feed the best food like fodder to one hundred cows get rid of women’s debt.


Reason: Taking away one’s house without paying any money or killing or deceiving the human for the house.
Planet- The sun, moon or Mars are in the tenth and eleven homes and Saturn gets afflicted.
Sign- The main entrance to the house is in the south direction. The rooms were made by snatching the land from the orphans or the rooms on the well.
Preventions- By gathering money from all the members of the family, feeding to one hundred poor laborers in a day or feed fish from hundreds of ponds. Feed crows bread for 43 days and donate iron can get relief from the debt.


Reason- Harming any person and destroying his/her life including his/her family members can put a person into unknown’s debt.
Planet- In the twelfth house, if the sun, moon or Mars are situated, Rahu suffers.
Sign- In the South direction of the home, there is a cemetery. Below the threshold of the main door of the house, the drainage flows.
Problems- The planet Rahu brings sudden disaster. Misfortune can arise at any time. Where it is expected to get justice, injustice takes place. False allegations of crimes like theft, dacoity, murder, arson, and rape are charged. Even though being innocent, they suffer imprisonment.


Reason- Due to bad reason, killing the son or dog of somebody.
Planet- If there is Chandra or Mangal in the sixth house, Ketu suffers.
Signs- Killing the son of others, killing the dogs and destroying other’s offspring.
Problems- Ketu’s suffering leads to the destruction of the male child. The child cannot survivie. In case he is alive, he might be lame, blind-deaf and crippled.


According to the Puranas, there are two types of loans, one spiritual and other economic, economic. The relationship of spiritual debt is from our very own birth and it not ended. Our life has been associated with many previous lives and in a series of ways we are scavenging the deeds and old liaisons of our current and previous lives.


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