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9 Planets in Hindu Astrology – navagrahasa

What are Vedic Planets?

Vedic astrology plays an important role in Hinduism. Like other ancient civilizations, Hindu culture has its own version of astronomy which is originated from Vedas. The 9 planets in Sanskrit are called navagrahasa have collective influence in one's life. According to the Hindu astronomy, the navagrahasa positions at the time of a person's birth help determine his potential in his life. The position influences the person's happiness, success and all-round prosperity. It also causes positive and negative, good and bad effects. In case, the jatak has navagrahasa Dosha, it can be removed with specific Navgrah mantra jap, Navgrah puja, navagrahasa Homam or Yantra.

Out of those 9 grahas in astrology, seven are named after the planets in the Solar System and the rest two are actually demons who played trick to find place in the Grahas, they are Rahu & Ketu.

9 Grah Names & Their Good or Bad Effects

Covering the 9 navagrahasas' stories, good & bad effects, Dosha Niravana and many more aspects in one page is impossible. So, we have created sub-heads for them. If you want go through details of all Nakshatra, click their links...

Surya (Sun)

During the birth of life in the earth, God Brahma cited a word “OM” and this word was the first step of creation of the Sun. There are many tales that signify how the Sun is supreme from all the navagrahasas. According to Rigveda, the Sun has multiple names. It is also known as ‘Savita', it means who has formed the world. As per astrology, Sun is the master of Leo (Sing Rashi) and to please the God, one should wear MANIKYA. He should donate jaggery, copper, gold, GEHU swatsa cow and red clothes to a pandit or brahman. There is a Vedic mantra to recite to please the God as per his devotion. There are different positions of the Sun that determines YOG of a person for example, if a jatak has KARK LAGAN, in the 2 nd BHAW of the Sun there is effect of SASTHES SHANI OR RAHU, the jatak will become a doctor or has doctor YOG. Similarly, if the GURU and Sun in the SASTH BHAW, the jatak can suffer from any type of stomach problem. There are remedies to get over the SUN DOSHA.


Elements of navagrahasa

The nine planets in astrology have different elements or TATVA.

Elements Navagrha
Fire Sun, Mars & ketu
Water Moon & Venus
Earth Mercury
Air Saturn & Rahu
Space Jupiter

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navagrahasa Temples

You may have heard navagrahasa names but you know anything about the Graha temples. These temples are located in Tamil Nandu near Kumbakonam built during the reign of Chola dynasty. As per Hindu legends, Sage Kalava was suffering from leprosy. He organized a navagrahasa puja at his home and followed all navagrahasa puja Vidhanam with a great devotion. The 9 planets were pleased with his devotion and recovered him. Looking at this, Lord Brahma was unhappy because he felt the nine planets had no authority to bless people. Lord Brahma cursed them to suffer from ailments and sent them to earth in Vellurukku Vanam. These 9 planets were unhappy and prayed Lord Shiva who relieved them from their agony. Shiva said, the place now belongs to all of you and they will be worshiped here. So, the temples of these 9 planets are situated here. Each temple is situated in different nearby villages. Before visiting these temples, confirm the navagrahasa temple timings, location and puja vidhi.