Guruma Bhrigushree welcomes all the young hearts to know about their Nakshatra, its bad/good impact and remedies to get rid of bad impact of star constellations

The Nakshatras are used in Vedic Astrology to find out accurate predictions and astrological analysis.



The ancient sages have divided the Zodiac of 360 degrees into 12 houses and each in 30 degrees. These 12 houses are sub-divided into 27 Natchathiram/Nakshatras and each of them in 13:20 degrees. Again these star Constellations are divided into 4 quarters, known as PADA. In the science of astrology, the position of a planet in these division and sub-division is studied to find out accurate prediction.


It is a little bit tricky to understand the astronomy for common people. Only expert Astrologers can help you to learn about astronomy. You can consult Guruma to know your Rashi Nakshatra. Guruma helps you find your life partner through Nakshatra matching. In case, you wish to know the star constellation of your new born, feel free to consult. Guruma helps to identify the bad Nakshatras for marriage and bad Nakshatras for birth, and also assists you to eliminate their ill-effect through Japam, Yantra, Puja, Havana & various other ways…

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What is Janma Nakshatra Dosha or Birth Star Dosha?

If a baby girl or boy is born in Aswini Nakshatra 1 st Charanam, the dosha can influence both father and the child. If a baby boy is born in Bharani Star 3 rd Charanam or in Kritika Star 3 rd Charanam, some japams are required to perform. If a baby boy or girl is born in Aslesha 1 st Charanam, there is no dosha. If you are born in Purvashada, Moola 1 st charanam, Jyesta Nakshatra, Visakha 4 th Charanam, Chitta 1 st Charanam or Uttara 1 st Charanam, it will be considered birth star doshas.

Are Moola, Ashlesha or Jyeshta are bad?

As we know each star is further divided into 4 quarters or padas. Birth can be taken place in any 4 padas. In each Nakshatra only certain pada is bad or evil, killing relatives. For example, under Mool Nakshatra the first pada is bad but 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th padas have no dosha. Mool Nakshatra female or male in 2 nd , 3 rd or 4 th padas can marry without any fear. So it is partly true that people born in these stars can harm others.

Why is it necessary to match Nakshatra while getting married?

Do you know bad Nakshatra’s for marriage can be reason of early death of a closer relative like father of the boy or husband? It can also cause financial problem, divorce and childlessness. Therefore, matching of the star is necessary to lead a healthy married life.

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