If anyone says I am a Manglik girl or boy, it is a clear indication that he/she has MangalDosha. It is one of the most common doshas which has bad or very bad effect in the native’s life. So, finding remedies for MangalDoshais necessary especially before getting married. This is all because the Dosha usually causes delay in the marriage, can create disturbance after marriage or in the worst cases it may cause the death of the spouse. Luckily, Hindu Astrology science has solutions to eliminate the Mangal Dosh completely.

Connect yourself with GurumaBhrigushree for getting effectiveMangal Dosh Nivaranupay. Guruma says, “To check whether you are Mangalik, require additional conditions to be met in a horoscope. Some astrologers feel that performing a short prayer or puja in Trayambakeshwar Temple of Lord Shiva in Nasik or Ujjain can be an effective Manglik Dosh Upay. But the remedies are different from horoscope to horoscope.”


Astrologers perform Kundli Check for Mangalikor Check ManglikDosha by date of birth. As per Vedic Jyotisha, the Dosha is formed by a negative Mars when it is placed any of the houses including 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 in a Horoscope where the rising sign or the Ascendant is taken as the first house. It is one of the most common Doshas. It may possible that 50% of people may have the Dosha because the placement of Mars in 6 houses and there are only 12 houses in a horoscope. So, there could be a fair chance that every 2nd person in the earth has ManglikDosha in her or his horoscope. It sounds odd but it is much possible. Another thing is that let assume 50% are suffering from the Dosha. It is possible that many of them married to non-Manglik. It means their married lives are in danger. So, finding solution for the Dosha is utmost necessary.


MangalikDosha in 1st House

When Mars is placed in the 1st house of a horoscope, the Dosha is formed. Here the 1st house is considered as the house of sign ascending at the time of the birth of the native so it is known as the Ascendant in a Horoscope. The prevailing condition is not alone proved that one is Manglik. There are other conditions too like the working of the Mars is negative in the Horoscope. If it is positive, it means there is no Dosha. The Malefic Mangal in the 1st houseof Horoscope can cause more harm than the MangalikDosha in other houses. It can affect health, profession and married life. It doesn’t cause much delay in marriage unless the Dosha is supported by some other defects present in the Horoscope. The native doesn’t face widowhood and divorce but in other sphere of life he/she may face some serious problems.

MangalikDosha in 2nd House

Many astrologers don’t consider it is problematic but the presence of active and negative Mars in the 2nd house can cause malefic Mangal in your Horoscope. YourMangalKundali is analysed carefully if it is found, it may cause problem directly to your married life and problems in other spheres. If it is strong, you may face a divorce and 2nd marriage. It doesn’t cause delay in marriage and many natives with defective Mars in the 2nd house may marry at the early age. Their problems start most probably after marriage. So, Mangalik girl for marriage should be confirmed in which house her MangalDosha is situated. For girls, it brings arguments and disputes with in-laws. It may cause problem in their health too. They may have irregular periods which later cause an issue in producing children.

MangalikDosha in 4th House

The Dosha inflicted people should give close attention because it is capable of bringing problems in the married life and the professional life with equal strength. So, it is very problematic. As per Hindu Astrology, every 12th person on the earth suffers from the type of Dosha. If it is strong it can lead to a long separation or a divorce. The natives have tendency to stay alone for most of the times and they love their own entity and independence after their marriage.

MangalikDosha in 7th House

The dosha is one of the most damaging types which can influence the longevity and continuance of marriage. The negative and active Mars in the 7th house should be analysed properly. It may cause potential damages to the marriage of the native and if it is strong, it can break your married life. On the contrary, if it is positive and active, it brings blessings to your married life. It is important to know how low or high Mangal Doshis formed. In the professional life, the native may suffer from loss in some kind of partnership in business due to cheating or mismanagement.

MangalikDosha in 8th House

TheMangal astrology predicts that 8th house of the Horoscope is known as the house of mysteries, secrets, paranormal, deceptions and occult. The house is difficult to understand and analyse among all houses. Many astrologers relate the house with bad influence and bad energy. The placement of any planet in the house is considered malefic. But the truth is that it doesn’t cause bad things only. It has many good effects. If Mars is placed in the 8th house of a Horoscope, it leads to a Manglik Dosh. But the MangalDosha effects of the 8th house are unique in many regard. It causes the problems which are generally not caused by the ManglikDosha in other houses such as it may cause delay in marriage and in some extreme cases, the native leads a bachelor life all throughout his/her life. It may cause deception to the native related to the character or health of his/her partner such as he/she may marry to a person suffering from chronic illnesses.

MangalikDosha in 12th House

It can cause several problems in the married life of the native but the effects are not extreme like divorce or widowhood. It is least damaging dosha or you can say a low MangalDosha in marriages. But in other spheres of your life, it can be problematic. If it is strong in the Horoscope and is supported by some other negative combinations present in the Horoscope it may lead to a long separation or a divorce. The MangalikDosha check can reveal you the factors responsible for negative effects of Mars in the 12th house.


In the Vedic Jyotisha, remedies for Manglik girl or boy are available but these remedies are different for different individuals based on their horoscopes. The most inevitable step inMangalDosha Poojais to perform MangalDoshaNivaran mantrawhich should be chanted 125,000 in most of the cases. Here you need to pacify Mars by means of MangalDosha Puja.


To perform the puja ceremony a specific date is selected to start and complete the procedure. It may take 5-7 days. Here, Sankalpam, the head Pandit takes an oath in front of the Lord Shiva that he and his other assistant Pandits will do the chant and properly follow all the procedures. Whether the high MangalDosha and low MangalDosha, the niravana puja is performed 8-10 hrs by pandits to complete the Mangal mantra jaap of 125,000. The completion ceremony lasts within 2-3 hours. Lord Shiva and his all family are prayed and offered with flowers, sweets, curd, milk, honey, desi ghee, sugar and many other things. Finally, Havana is started where direct connection of the native the Mars is established, the chant of Mangalik mantra is again started with Swaha words. The native donates various kinds of goods to pacify the malefic effects of Mars. After completion of the puja, the native has to take 1, 3 or 7 rounds around the Havana which is known as a Pradakshina or a Parikrama.


It is aMangalVivah or wedding between a Manglik and the statue of Vishnu, a peepal tree, a banana tree or a clay pot before marrying. The effective Mangalupaywas performed for a leading Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai before getting married to Abhishek Bachchan.


FAQ Can Mangal Dosh Nivaran for boy and girl possible if both are Manglik?

If both of the members have a Mangal Dosh they can marry. Their married life goes smooth. The dosha is removed.

If both of the members have a Mangal Dosh they can marry. Their married life goes smooth. The dosha is removed.

It can be performed in the presence and without the presence of the native. But the native photo is required. The picture should be recent. During the puja, the native’s father and the surname of his family is spoken in the Sankalpam by the Pandit.

What should be a Manglik marriage age?

It is depended on in which house your MangalDosha is. It is believed that Manglik marriage after 28is safe because the effect of the Dosha disappears. But those girls or boys born with Mars in the 8th house of Horoscope should wait till 36.

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