“Om Rahave Namaha, Om Ketave Nama” (A powerful mantra to recite 108 times for Kalsarp Yoga)

Guruma Bhrigushree is bestowed with the blessing of Bhrigu Shree Mahrishi to help the native from the malefic effects of Kalsarpa Yoga or Dosha. Guruma has years of experience in Vedic Jyotisha which she has successfully used to eliminate all 12 Graha Doshas through effective Pujas, Mantras and Yantras. No matter in which corner of the world you are in, Guruma will help you out. She and her experienced team of astrologers helps find effective remedies for Kaal Sarp Dosh.



Don’t fret if your Kundali has Kaalsarp dosh. Many people feel so worried and hopeless when they observe the dosh in their birth chart. They start predicting fatal consequences in their lives without knowing how the dosha influences one’s life. There are many misconceptions over the topic. If your astrologer is not expert in analysing the Naga Dosham, he cannot help you to get effective remedies for this.

According to the prevalent definition, Kalsarpyog is made when in a Horoscope all the seven planets namely Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are placed between Rahu-Ketu Axis. Remember, depending on the placement of Rahu-Ketu in the Horoscope and the timing of the birth play an important role to know the effect of Kaal Sarp Dosh. Different people suffer different consequences as per the placement of Rahu-Ketu in the Horoscope, timing and strength of the Dosha. For example, one person affected with the Dosh may suffer from delay in his/her marriage while the other may face serious diseases.

However, only the placement of all the other planets between Rahu and Ketu is not sufficient. There are more other conditions which should be met in a horoscope to cause the defect. It is necessary that both Rahu and Ketu should be working negatively in the horoscope and is actually forming defects instead of working as silent negatives in the horoscope. Moreover, it is important to analyse the strength of the defect and the timing of impact. Do you know the difference of 15-3- minutes in birth time may cause different Kaal Sarp Dosh? The native may suffer problems related to either professional or marriage. If the strength of the Dosh is strong, the native may suffer throughout his/her life or a very big part of his/her life may influence from the Dosh. Remember, if the defect is stronger (70% or more), the quantum of the damage can be reduced instead of removing completely through Kaal Sarp Yog Nivaran remedies. Talking about the timing of impact, it may possible that Kalsarpyog will hit your life at the age of 50. So, everything until you reach 50 will go smooth and as you reach the age of 50, you may suffer from financial loss, diseases or any other condition because of the Dosh influences.


There are 12 types of Kalsarpyog
Anant Kaal Sarp Yoga

When in a horoscope, Rahu is placed in the first house and Ketu is placed in the 7th house and all other planets are placed between 1st and 7th house, it forms Anant Kal Sarp Yog. It causes delay and disturbance in the married life such as serious arguments, disputes with the spouse, divorce and in extreme cases the native can die due to a disease or accident. The native may face challenges in his/her profession.

Karkotak Kaal Sarp Dosha

It is formed in a horoscope when Rahu is in 8th house, Ketu is in the 2nd house and the rest planets are placed between the 8th house and the 2nd house. The Sarp Dosh in Kundli can let you suffer from a wide variety of problems like health issues (since childhood) and marriage issues (delay, family and harmony). The native may not get attention from their parents since their childhood and can face loneliness. He/she may indulge in bad habits of eating and drinking which are unhealthy.

Kulik Kaal Sarp Yog

In this case, Rahu is placed in the 2nd house in the horoscope, Ketu in the 8th and the rest planets are placed between 2nd and 8th houses. The afflicted native may suffer varieties of problems depending on the strength and timing of impact of the Dosh. In many cases, the dosha effect starts showing up early, so the native may suffer problems with their primary education. The eating pattern can be changed. He/she likes to eat unhealthy food, having of drinking and smoking.

MahaPadam Kal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 6th house of the horoscope and Ketu is in the 12th house, the rest planets are ranging from 6th to 12th houses. Many different kinds of troubles hit to your life if you have the Dosha. Your married life can be unbalanced, problems with legal cases, imprisonment, financial debts etc…

Padam Kaal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 5th house of the horoscope and Ketu is in the 11th house, the planets are ranging from 5th to 11ths, the Dosha is formed. In the Sarp Dosh, the native may face the problem related to producing kids, challenges in getting higher education, friendship can affect and financial loss may occur. In many cases, there is no problem in having children but the native may suffer unhealthy body since childhood.

Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 4th house of the horoscope, Ketu is in the 10th and all other planets are ranging from the 4th to 10th, the defect is formed in your birth chart. The native may suffer from various kinds of mental, psychological, professional and other problems. It is an important type because Rahu and Ketu are placed in 2 very important houses. So, it can cause serious damages. To reduce the Dosh influence, Kal Sarp puja,Yantra or Mantra can help you

Takshak Kaal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 7th house, Ketu in the 1st house and the rest planets are ranging from 7th to the 1st, the Dosh is formed. Jatak of the Yog can face serious problems in almost any sphere of his/her life. Physical appearance can be affected adversely like fat body than the average weight for their height or too thin. Many natives of the same dosha may have short height than the average height of people. Some natives feel boredom, sadistic, egoistic, aggressive and offensive.

Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 3rd house, Ketu is in the 9th house and other planets are between the houses ranging from 3rd to 9th, Jatak may suffer from the defect. He/she may likely suffer from various problems and has proved unlucky in many spheres of his/her life. The Dosha is always accompanied with a Pitra Dosha, so it is said that the problem faced by the native may be related to the deeds done by his/her ancestors. Therefore, it needs powerful Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Upay as early as possible.

Sheshnag Kaal Sarp Yog

When in a horoscope, Rahu is in 12th house, Ketu is in 6th house and the rest planets are ranging between the axis of Rahu and Ketu, the Yog is formed in the horoscope. The defect may have malefic impact. Stronger impact of the Dosh may let you jobless for more than 2 years and may fail to get a permanent profession or change his job often. The Jatak of the defect can organize Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran to reduce or eliminate its negative effects.

Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yog

If Rahu is placed in the 11th house, Ketu in the 5th and the rest planets are placed between the Axis Rahu and Ketu, the Yog is said to be formed. It can have adverse effect on the professional sphere of the natives. However, the effect can be varied person to person, depending on their overall horoscopes. Some natives indulge in illegal professions. The Yog pushes the native to earn lots of money from anyhow. It doesn’t matter whether the earning path is right or wrong.

Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 10th house, Ketu in the 4th and the rest planets are placed between the 10th and 4th houses, the malefic influences one’s life. The defect may cause problems related to your mothers, you may have not in good relation with your mother since childhood. The defect can detach you emotionally with your mother. As per the placement of the planets, the Yog may cause troubles

Shankhchood Kaal Sarp Yog

When Rahu is placed in the 9th house of the horoscope and Ketu is in the 3rd house, all the rest planets are placed in the houses ranging from the 9th to the 3rd house of the horoscope, the Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed. If the defect is formed, it means the Jatak has Pitru Dosh also because of the negative placement of Rahu in the 9th house of the Horoscope. So, just like Vasuki Sarp Dosh, the defect is come in the combination with Pitru Dosh. A particular kind of bad luck is associated with the Jatak and he/she may suffer from sudden financial losses due to theft, burglaries or cheated by strangers. Some Jatak may suffer problems in other spheres of their lives like bad health condition, get injuries and bad reputation due to their friends and relatives.


There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings associated with the Kalsarp Yog Nivaran Pooja and many astrologers find hard to decide what is the proper way and procedure to eliminate Naga Dosham. However, to reduce the malefic effect of the Dosha, astrologers recommend different kinds of Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran upay. Some recommend Trimbakeshwar Kaal Sarp Puja (a temple in Nasik) is the best way to remove the dosha. Whereas some recommend Sarp Dosh Nivaran puja in Ujjain or some other places. No matter where the puja is organizing, it is important to strictly follow the Puja rules.


As per Vedic Astrology, Kalsarp Dosh Puja Vidhi includes chant of Kal Sarpa Dosh Nivarana Mantra for about 125,000 times on a specific chosen date and completion of the Puja is decided according to the horoscope of the native. On the date of the puja, a Sankalpam or resolution is taken by around 5-7 Pandits in front of Lord Shiva where the Jatak name, his father’s name and his family surname is also mentioned. The specific wishes of the native are also mentioned. These are initial steps.

After this, all the Pandits start chanting Kaal Sarp Yog Mantra on daily basis for about 8-10 hrs till the total chant of 125,000 is finished. After completion of the chant, the puja completion ceremony is organized which lasts about 2-3 hours. The puja comprises Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and other members of Lord Shiva family. Many kinds of offerings are offered to the God like flowers, curd, milk, ghee, sugar and sweets. The Kaalsarp Pooja Vidhi can be performed with or without the presence of the Native. The Puja Vidhi is different for different kinds of Kaal Sarp Dosha. After the Havana is completed, some important mantras are chanted which may differ from Puja to Puja.

There are some certain things donated during the final Puja which includes rice, wheat, salt, oil, blankets and some other things each of which related to one or the other planet among navagrahasa.


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