Birth and Death is fixed, our janam phal, purpose of birth in family, ghar, kul, apka jivan main kya yogdan hai.

A perfect astrologer is called Sarvajna which means he/she knows the past, present, and future. A real astrologer will tell you about your past, present and future life looking at your Janam Kundali or your hand. There is a system of astrology in India which is called Bhrigu-Samhita. Experts in the Bhrigu-Samhita science can at once tell you what you came across in your past, how is your present and what your next life will be. Therefore, the perfection of astrology is in the Bhrigu-Samhita and experts in the science are called Sarvajna. Bhrigu Padhati is one of the most mysterious and difficult parts of the Hindu Astrology. Like Parashari, Jaimini and Taji Padhatis, it is not possible to get knowledge of Bhrigu-Samhita. Bhrigu Padhati is not debatable, it is based on the trust and devotion on the God’s power. Hoshiarpur in Punjab, Meerut, Vanaras, and Pratapgarh in UP, Sagar in MP, Ganjam in Odisha and Karoi in Rajasthan have some astrologers who perform prediction according to Bhrigu Padhati. The rare historical handwritten manuscripts are protected in Pune, Darbhanga in Bihar, Kurukshetra, and Bangaluru. Nowadays, there are a handful of people who involve in prediction as per Bhrigu Samhita. Guruma Bhrigushree is one them. She belongs to the Bhrigu family. Her 35 years of experience in the Shastra is helping a number of people in India and abroad.


To understand Karma meaning, it is important to know different types of Karma. The great Hindu holy book Bhagavad Gita says Karma marga is one of the several spiritual paths in Hinduism. It has several types.


Nishkama Karma plays a vital role where human beings perform a self-less or desireless action without expecting fruits or results. A spritual seeker acts according to dharma without attaching himself with the consequences or fruits. This action is called a duty for duty’s sake. Nishkam Karma gets an important place in Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna advocates Nishkama Yoga as an ideal path to understand the truth. Here the thought of outcomes purifies one’s mind.


It is just opposite of Nishkama. Here the actions are performed keeping the results in mind. It is a selfish action. Sakam may lead to performing excess work or work under pressure because it aims at success. Hence, it increases the chance of psychological and physical burnouts. Under Nishkama, the action is performed for personal excellence, providing a greater personal satisfaction.


Among three important Karmas, it is one of them. It is the sum of your past Karmas. Whatever your actions (good or bad) from your past life will give you in the next life.


They are an integral part of Sanchita Karma which is all about a collection of your past Karmas. Here you experience your past Karmas in the present body or incarnation. It influences your present incarnation. If your actions in the early birth are bad, you may have to suffer in the present body.

Guruma Bhrigushree is all here to help you out through Vedic Jyotisha. She will tell you how to burn Sanchita Karma bad effects. Consult Guruma to clear all your doubts regarding Karma.

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