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Dosha Nivaran Pujas

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Dosha Nivaran Pujas,Pujas at sidh places Puja as per South Indian Padatti, Pujas for Planets, Vedic Jaap or Paath, Festive Pujas, Propiating the Diety, Shanti Pujas, Pujas by Occasion, Consolidated Puja Packs.

Trending Pooja in a vertical bar depending on what other customers are viewing or opting for Grahan Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Navgraha Pujas, Pitru Dosha, Shani Pujas, Vastu Dosha, Sarp Dosha.

Grahan Dosha:-Sort the below on base of navgrahas and give a drop down menu option to select the no. of chants, special place for pooja from selected place, special place on customer request (take input from the customer) and contact a astrologer / agent for better information/consulting.

Clients are Connected with Pundits via   Video Conference   so that they can communicate with each other throughout whole period of Pooja/Anusthan.

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