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Gurumaa is national vice president of Shankarachrya Parishad . Working. Actively in making Haryana Delhi Punjajb teams for Hindu Judo jati todo andolan

Words can’t define Bhrigushree Gurumaa because she is not only an epitome of Bhrigu Jyotish Shastri but is a devoted social worker and an open heart person who spreads support to all those needy who come to her. Bhrigushree Gurumaa was rewarded with the name of Gurumaa Bhrigushree by the society which shows her devotion, dedication and love towards humanity. She Was associated/directed with Times of India.

For her excellence in Jyotish she has been awarded by AIAC (All India Achievers Conference) as GEM OF INDIA in 21 st August 2014 and ARCH OF EXCELLENCE AWARD by RAZA MURAD and BARKHA SINGH.


Since her childhood, she has been fascinated by the Art of Astrology because she belongs to a reputed family who is deeply involved in decoding the secrets astrology and belongs to Sialkot, Pakistan. Bhrigushree Guruma is the only Bhrigu Astrologer in India who was on the Panel with Times Group’s Indiatimes Astrospeak, providing articles on astrology, Ayurveda & social liftmen. It shows her work experience in Jyotish Shastra. Guruma has been helped a number of people living in India and abroad for over 10 years and more than 95% of her prediction is correct. She has served celebrities and people from all walks of life. Her ocean of knowledge in Bhrigushree Astrology, the blessing of Rishi Bhrigu and devotion to serve people help her much.

Gurumaa is an active member and director of BHRIGU SAMHITA and under her direction the team of expert and empathetic Bhrigu Shastris serving happiness and hope to lead the life better.

Social Works

Kind-hearted Guruma has left no stone unturned in serving humanity & Astrology science . She takes out some time to make frequent visits to child care centres dealing with mentally and physically challenged children. She has been involved in various projects for lifting dyslexia children & skills enhancement.

She is also working as an active mentor to those young Indians who are interested in Astrology by giving them an insight into this science by correlating her personal experiences. Gurumaa is working consciously on women empowerment and actively participating in Swach Bharat Abhiyan


The position “Gurumaa” she has earned because of her intense research & dedication to earn knowledge of Jyotisha Shastra. She passionately researched on BHRIGU MAHASHASTRA. Her thirst for knowledge in the field inspired her to go through all Indian precious Vedic treasures including 18

Puranas and Bhagvat Gita. Her motto is setting and resetting the standards of astrology and truly epitomizes ancient astrology in modern days which seems to be eloping fast.

Life Solutions by Gurumaa

Rishi Bhrigu is the father of Vedanga Jyotisa, one of the earliest Indian texts on astronomy and astrology, dated the 700 BCE, according to Wikipedia. But the Shastra could be of much earlier when the shristi (called world) has started. Guruma is expert in the art of astrology which she gives credit to her success to the blessing of Gods, her guru Rishi Bhrigu and her family.

She says, “The toughest part of astrology is to differentiate between how and when to be told because different people have a different fate.” She strongly believes that astrology is both an art as well as science. Gurumaa caters people as per their requirements (means what they want to know and the Vedic remedies ‘Anusthan’ they need to get rid of dosha). She and her team conduct Anusthan, Poojas, Mantras, Charities and Gemstones as per “BHRIGU MAHASHASTRA” at her own sacred template in Delhi.


People who want to donate to a temple or any charitable center can connect with Guruma. Her plan is to work as a bridge between giver and needy. You will get a proper receipt for this. Here she will work as a devoted worker. So, all human souls contact Gurumaa to know your present and future! She says that it is all your Karma that decides your fate. But if anything comes as an obstacle in your life, I will try to find Vedic remedies to get rid of this…

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