Maharshi Bhrigu was the 8th Manas Putar of LORD BRAHMA (A child born from a wish). It so happened that when Lord Brahma was thinking of making this universe he faced some problems for which he requested Maharishi Bhrigu to help him out. Maharishi Bhrigu is also called Prajapati (Creator) as he was created by Lord Brahma to help him in the process of creation of the universe. Maharishi Bhrigu was married to Khyati, the daughter of DAKSHA. He had two sons, DHATA & VIDHATA & a daughter SRI also known as MAHALAKSHMI wife of LORD VISHNU, DHATA had a son known as MARKANDU father of famous Rishi MARKANDEY. Maharishi Bhrigu had two more Sons known as “DAITYA GURU SHUKRACHARYA” & CHYAVAN RISHI from PULOMA & USHANA. USHANA was the daughter of DAITYA HIRANYAKASIPU & Shukracharya was the Grandson of HIRANYAKASIPUSHUKRACHARYA was married to JAYANTI daughter of LORD INDRA & had four sons & one very famous daughter known as DEVAYANI. She was married to KINGYAYATI & had two sons named YADU & TUVASU. YADU was the first KING of YADUVANSHCHYAVAN RISHI was born from PULOMA & married to Arushi daughter of VAIVASTA MANU & Sukanya daughter of Vedic king SHARYATI & had three sons known as AURVA, APNAVANA & DADHICHA.


It is a very interesting story. It so happened that when thousand’s of year ago this world was created then after couple of years all the supreme powers saw that the human kind was in deep pain and problems in kalyug so they decided to perform a YAGNAA ( A religious ceremony) for the wellbeing of the humanity. Just then MAHARISHI NARAD raised a question asking that who will be the head of this YAGNAA.

All the RISHI MUNIE’S were astonished at the question raised by MAHARISHI NARAD and thought that he had a very valid question to be answered. MAHARISHI BHRIGU told him that the creator of this world can only lead us but then again MAHARISHI NARAD replied that out of the three TRIDEV ‘S , LORD BRAHMA, LORD VISHNU & LORD SHIVA only one can lead and not all and he very cleverly gave the duty to Bhrigu Ji to find it out by himself. MAHARISHI BHRIGU accepted the task and asked the MUNIE’S to give him some time to resolve this matter.


MahaRishi Bhrigu firstly went to Lord Brahma in the disguise of a brahamana. When he reached there he say Lord Brahma busy in writing the Vedas and did not pay any attention to him. He felt insulted and out of his shear instincts he cursed Lord Brahma that he will not be worshiped in this world as when he cannot see a person standing at his door how will he see the problems of the MEN KIND

He also told LORD Brahma that he was no good to be a part of the creators of the world. At this Lord Brahma realized that what a blunder he had committed and folded his hands in front of MahaRishi Bhrigu and asked him to forgive him for his ignorance and also to set him free from the curse as he is one of the creators of the world.

Then MahaRishi Bhrigu went towards Lord Shiva to see to it if he was capable of undertaking the task of performing the YAGNAA for the wellbeing of the humanity. When he reached KAILASH PARVAT he saw Shiv Gan (bodyguards) standing on the doors of the KAILASH PARVAT. MahaRishi Bhrigu requested them that he wanted to see Lord Shiva as he had some urgent piece of work but the Shiv Gun flatly refused on which MahaRishi Bhrigu felt insulted and requested them again to at least give him the message that he had come to see him on which Shiv gan got angry and pulled out there weapons to attack on MahaRishi Bhrigu. At this MahaRishi Bhrigu got annoyed and gave Lord Shiva the curse that in KALYUG no one will ever worship you in this world.


After this Lord Shiv saw for what had happened with MahaRishi Bhrigu and went after him to feel sorry. But it was too late, MahaRishi Bhrigu had already cursed him and the curse’s can not be taken back but there is always a room for some alteration. Lord Shiv requested to forgive him and told him that it all happened out of shear ignorance and he had no purpose of insulting him. Then MahaRishi Bhrigu told him that the curse can not be taken back and told him that in KALYUG he would be worshiped in the form of Ling and not in his original form. That is why we all worship Shiv Ling in the temples and not his Murti‘.

Then at last MahaRishi Bhrigu went to VAIKUNTH LOKA to see if Lord Vishnu was capable of carrying out the YAGNAA for the wellbeing of the humanity. When he reached there he saw Lord Vishnu was in SEER SAGAR resting on his SESHA NAGA and Goddess Maha Lakshmi sitting in his feet was serving him with her devotion. Already annoyed with the two Lord’s Lord Brahma & Lord Shiva, MahaRishi Bhrigu thought that Lord Vishnu despite of having had seen him acted as if he had not which hurt him a lot. So out of anger MahaRishi Bhrigu kicked Lord Vishnu in his chest. On this Lord Vishnu woke up from his sleep and was very calm. On the contrary he was worried about the foot of MahaRishi Bhrigu. He folded his hands and asked MahaRishi Bhrigu if he was ok and then took his cloth and started padding his foot and said that he was worried because he was too strong to be hurt by the blow but MahaRishi Bhrigu foot might be hurting as they were as soft as a flower.


On hearing this MahaRishi Bhrigu anger calmed and he then only decided that Vishnu was the perfect one to be the head of this universe. Lord Vishnu told him that he will always carry his foot print on his chest as a memory and will memorize it as BHRIGU LANCHAN. But on the other hand Goddess Lakshmi who was sitting there could not bear the insult of her husband and at the same time MahaLakshmi is said to live in the heart of LordVishnu and MahaRishi Bhrigu had her anger rose to such an extend that she gave a curse to MahaRishi Bhrigu saying that she will never ever stay in BRAHMAN’S house, she also told that all BRAHMANS’ will not be able to see themselves eye to eye and will always feel insulted. MahaRishi Bhrigu took it as a challenge and told Lakshmi that he will create such a book (MAHASHASTRA) in which on every leaf Lord Vishnu will reside and where Vishnu goes you will also go as you can not live without LordVishnu and you reside in his heart. On this Lord Vishnu also accepted MahaRishi Bhrigu request and graced him by saying that he along with other God and Goddess will reside in those leaves.

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